About Us

LMW Engineering offers a wide range of services coming from an experienced team of talented Engineers. A solution will always be found at LMW Engineering as we work with our clients every step of the way. Each project is treated attentively, with high quality and creative resolutions.
Our clients vary from general contractors, architects, land developers, governmental agencies and commercial builders.

The professional expertise of LMW Engineering is ultimately what gets the job done. All building materials are the same; the approach based on infinite collaboration amongst owners, contractors, architects and consultants along with the ingenuity of our team is what makes the difference that drives LMW to excellence.
LMW firmly believes in and practices a high level of service that is both cost efficient and performed in a timely manner. Our services range from Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, structural monitoring , support of excavation, demolition and consulting.

Within each branch of our Engineering services, LMW provides all of your engineering needs.